A. O. S. S. // Tee

Image of A. O. S. S. // Tee

By now we're all well-versed in the fable of 'the mural and the conservation area'. We're all experts on local planning regulations and we're all massive fans of large wall paintings.

Most of all however, we're apoplectic that a busy-bodied cohort of snobby pensioners are well organised enough to thwart our heavy-fingered Twitter and Facebook tirades and have had the mural outlawed.

What is left for us to do?


...but not anarchy in the traditional sense. Anarchy in a very British way - A passive aggressive tshirt, available in an array of garish colours.

What better way to stick two fingers up to the establishment, than to flood their secret gardens and cafes and conservative clubs and reading groups with pithy tshirts, all summer long!